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Common Sense for Animals

Literacy Through Animals Program

Animals make reading and writing fun!

RAP -Reading Alongside Pets

Featuring Thor and Ossie

Thornton Blease hails with a Master in Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from The New School in Manhattan and will dress up as a Children’s Book Animal Character.

Ossie is a CSA certified therapy dog

This program helps shy or struggling readers in grades One through Three practice reading by having them read to Ossie and Thor, who provide children with a non-judgmental and supportive environment that helps make reading a more fun and positive experience. The results are increased fluency and a more positive attitude toward reading. During the school year, CSA offers local teachers and librarians the Reading with Thor and Ossie program to students. Sessions might take place during the school day or in an after-school program as pre-arranged. Children recommended by their teachers or reading specialist participate in Reading with Thor and Ossie and read for 30- minutes a week for 4-16 weeks.


Pet Assisted Literacy Services- events and programs are more generalized than the RAP program. They include an opportunity to participate in a literacy activity and then meet our approved literacy animals. Activities include, but are not limited to listening to stories in a storytime session, reading aloud to a visiting animals and book discussions. PALS events, open to readers of all ages take place in classrooms, outside at the school day in libraries, shelters bookstores and community events.


Pet Assisted Writing Programs encourage creative writing skills in writers through High School. They include individual classroom writing motivational programs, craft assistance/ writing coach and our annual creative writing and art contests.

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