Thor’s book recommendations

Templeton Gets His Wish” by Greg Pizzoli. In this story, the cat Templeton finds a gem and wishes away his family. (Yeah you would!) However, does he get them back?

“Third Grade Mermaid” chapter books by Peter Raymundo. The Protagonist (Cora) is very lovable. In the first book she is having trouble spelling and it is in first person so there are misplaced words crossed out followed by the right spelling. In the second one she goes in search of Narwals. I have met some very smart people that don’t even know what a Narwhal is. (It is a whale with a tooth the juts our forward from the upper lip and is mistook often to be a horn. It looks similar to a unicorn’s horn.) 

“Dinosaurs Fossil And Feathers.”
It is a non-fiction graphic novel. It is mostly about how our knowledge of dinosaurs has changed over the years. I miss the dinosaurs from the end of the 90s and early 2000s. I said they didn’t fly. (The pterodactyl is a flying reptile, not a dinosaur!) Turns our there were dinosaurs with wings. So they did fly!

“Dear Children Of The Earth” by Schim Schimmel. It one of the few picture books I kept unaware that I was going to write only children’s books. The reason I kept it is because of how cool it was. What made it so cool? I think we all know what my answer would be by now.

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